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Name: Acupressure mat

Product Material:ABS + 100% cotton fabric

Mat size:75x44x2cm



(Other size as 80x50x2cm,60x40x8cm,70x48x4cm,50x45x2cm,70x42x2cm,

pillow size:30x24.95cm)


The Shakti Mat can also be called an Acupressure Mat.

With 6,000 acupressure points the Shakti Mat is a very efficient tool for resolving tension and administer deep relaxation.

The Shakti Mat promotes the release of large quantities of endorphins, the wellbing hormone, as well as a range of other calming hormones. This has a very rejuvenating and relaxing effect.

The Shakti Mat increases blood circulation and the uptake of oxygen.

It can be used when you feel low in energy, experience high stress levels, suffer from insomnia, muscular tension, lumbago, sciatica, migraine, digestive problems, depression etc.
Cleaning instructions
If needed the Shakti mat can be hand washed in luke warm water and hung to dry. Avoid washing mashine and dryer as the plastic spikes can be damaged.

How does the Shakti Mat promote relaxation?

The 6,000 spikes in the Shakti Mat stimulate the nerves where the spikes meet the body. The nerves send impulses from these points to the brain and endorphin, as well as other various substances, in the brain releases energy and relaxation to the nervous system and muscles.

How does the Shakti Mat affect the body?
According to research done in Russian hospitals:
- Promotes a decrease in pain
- Resolves stress.
- Strengthens the immune system.
- Increases the metabolism.
- Decreases inflammation.

Can the Shakti Mat only be used on the back?
No! The Shakti Mat can be used on the whole body (see the usage page). However, the whole body will be affected if you lie down on it on your back as the nerves around the spine radiates energy to the whole body.
Can people with fibromyalgia use The Shakti Mat?
Yes, many people experience a marked improvement.

Is it ok for people with diabetes to use the Shakti Mat?
Yes, it is very good for diabetes as






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