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TV 169
Name: bamboo charcoal body shaper

The main effects as follows:
· Really  whole bamboo charcoal body shaper! Different from the cloth of bamboo charcoal only in the abdomen and the mainland false bamboo charcoal.
· Adopt special breathable and flexible bamboo charcoal materials and Layca materials, meticulous workmanship and durable quality.
· Sculpt perfect body quickly. With more than 90 percent of the far infrared radiation, promoting metabolism.
· Exclusive patent of the color change with temperature change when the temperature changes, immediately color changes , really feel the body is received far infrared health body shaper power!
· High elasticity Phyllotex bamboo charcoal fiber embossed jacquard cloth add raspberries microcapsules exclusively.
· National bamboo charcoal exclusive nano-technology, fine workmanship, high-grade appearance. Very suitable for high-class markets and business gifts, use of home health .
Size :S-XXL

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